EMOS business group consists of EMOS headquaters located in Prerov, Czech Republic and its four subsidiaries located in the Slovak Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary. However most CEE countries are in the focus of their export deliveries. EMOS Group deals mainly with the sale of electrical appliances and service providing in the field of installation.
Company EMOS spol. s r.o. located in Prerov was established as a limited company in 1991. Since its beginning, it has undergone dynamic development and currently it is one of the largest trading companies in the market of electrical appliances and component in the whole Czech Republic. Its significant market position was reached by extensive business activities. The main focus is on import, export, wholesale and retail, and providing service and installation of low voltage devices. More than 200 employees involve the smooth running of the company. The share capital consists exclusively of funds coming from Czech sources.

EMOS is certified by ISO 9001 and respects technical, technological and ecological norms.

EMOS company is an exclusive distributor of GP Batteries, GP Powerbank and GP Lighting brands. EMOS also owns brands like EMOS, BENsat and RAVER. Cobra (renowned brand in the field of telecommunications) and homexpert by Honeywell (leading manufacturer of thermostats) have expanded the number of exclusively distributed brands since 2012.