Awards and Certifications

MAJAR – MATZARIDIS Bros SA is one of the largest distributing company of several world leading brands for South East Europe and we maintain an extensive network of business partners and sub dealers throughout 24 countries with dynamic local channel networks. Our Group specializes in three divisions and assist different market segments including wholesale and retail, on b2b and b2c basis, while we are also registered and certified supplier in all major World Organizations globally (Profit & None Profit, Army and others), and execute Tender Contracts on project basis.

MAJAR – MATZARIDIS Bros is operating since 1978, and today is considered one of the leading distribution companies specialized in digital technology!

Among several distinctions and quality – performance certifications, our Group has ISO 9001, and it has been awarded from the ΕΝDΥ ΟΕΥ of the Hellenic Ministry for Foreign Affairs with Silver prize and 2nd place in 2018, and Gold prize and 1st place in 2019 accordingly on Greek Exports Awards on Top Export Companies category.

In 2020, during Greek Hospitality Awards from Hellenic Ministry of Tourism, MAJAR was awarded with Gold price and 1st place in the category Best Hotel Supplier.   


Majar- Matzaridis Bros S.A. has ISO 9001 Certification.