FINANCIAL TIMES FT 1000: MAJAR – Matzaridis Bros S.A. named among Europe’s 1000 Fastest Growing Companies

MAJAR – Matzaridis Bros S.A., a distribution technology company founded in 1978 in Thessaloniki, Greece, with extended export activity in over 20 countries, has been named among Europe’s top 1000 fastest-growing companies! Ranked 89th in the technology industry, MAJAR is one of the only four Greek companies to make the FT 1000 list!

The ranking of the FT 1000 was the result of a thorough and detailed procedure. Following extensive research in company databases and other public sources, Statista identified tens of thousands of companies in Europe as potential candidates.

Handling the clients as priority number one, MAJAR – Matzaridis Bros S.A. managed customer success unit and especially sales to skyrocket with an absolute growth rate of 177.5% in 2016-2019.

Moreover, the past year was anything, except ordinary. The environment has changed at tremendous speed. Despite the new circumstances and the unprecedented challenges, MAJAR – Matzaridis Bros S.A. has reinvented itself by investing in technology, focusing on clients and supply chain management.

“All of us in MAJAR are delighted and deeply honored to be included among FT’s top 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe for 2021, a significant milestone for our Group’s 43 years of operation!

With consistency, resilience, agility, and solution-orientated focus, we continue to enrich our portfolio with new and innovative products, expand our distribution channel across the world, and set new targets in a volatile environment by exploiting the arising challenges and opportunities.

With a focus on Digital Signage, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, we extend our know-how and expertise by integrating cutting-edge technologies, enabling our Group to deliver with confidence and responsibility to every company and organization, now and for years to come, as their trusted Technology Partner.

We wish to convey our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our esteemed customers, business partners, and suppliers for their contribution to achieving this great distinction.” Antonis I. Matzaridis, CEO of MAJAR – Matzaridis Bros S.A. stated.

MAJAR – Matzaridis BROS S.A. distributes technology products through strategic partnerships with manufacturers worldwide and has an extended export activity in 24 countries. Enrich our product portfolio with the latest market demands, develop sales in new countries, and maintain high growth rates remains our strategic objective.

With this extraordinary distinction, MAJAR demonstrates that experience matters as long as you adapt to the most current trends, invest in innovation in digital technologies, and transform clients into partners. This combination is what will push MAJAR further into the ranks!


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