Main Divisions of Matzaridis Bros SA

Matzaridis Bros SA, as a Group of Companies, consists of the following entities and divisions – MAJAR, Matzaridis Welcome Stores and AUTO TECHNIK.
Matzaridis Bros SA caters to both Wholesale and Retail segments.

MAJAR covers the wholesale segment with an extensive distribution channel throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan countries distributing and representing international brands such as HUMAX, FUNAI, VU+, NEOTION, BLAUPUNKT, AAVARA, STRONG, TERRATEC, DEVOLO, MOTECK, GIBERTINI, HORIZON, JOHANSSON, IAMM and DIGI+PLUS!
A dynamic commercial department ensures a seamless supply to the various distribution channels and dealers inclusive of retail chains, co-operations, individual outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets and specialized outlets.

The Retail segment, known as Matzaridis Welcome Stores, consists of two privately-owned retail outlets in Thessaloniki partnered with ‘Welcome Stores’ retail chain, making us the preferred choice for end users. With the ‘Welcome Stores’ chain exclusivity, we have achieved for our customers an edge with regards to brand availability, price competitveness and superior customer service.

MAJAR’s wealth of experience, coupled with its leadership and strong reputation in the audio-videp and household appliances market, differentiates Matzaridis Welcome Stores from the competition. The company today offers products and solutions from internationally well-recognized manufacturers and continues to solidify its position as a leading company in the electronics and electrical appliances.

AUTO TECHNIK channel has won significant recognition and marketshare due to its expertise in after market performance in auto tuning. With a passion for cars and high-speed technology, AUTOTECHNIK distributes world leading brands such as HKS, APEJI, HALDEX, DAIYAMA, VF Engineering, D2 Racing and FK Automotive throughout Greece, Cyprus and wider Balkans region.