After 36 year attending IFA as visitors, in 2022 MAJAR - Matzaridis Bros S.A. participated as exhibitor for the first time and was one of the few companies from Greece. This define the new horizons of the company strategy.


MAJAR undertake exclusive distribution of Philips Professional & Hospitality Monitors. Philips have the innovation to bring together with complementary hardware and software to build global solutions that work for you and bring Digital Signage, LED Displays, Professional TVs and monitors to life


MAJAR undertake exclusive distribution of Wesco. Wesco offers premium Kitchen Equipment such as Waste bins and Kitchen accessories. Modern technology and finest materials guarantee the quality and longevity of WESCO products.


MAJAR undertake exclusive distribution of AEI Communication. AEI in the World’s leading manufacturer of telephones for hospitality, hotel, business, residential & specialty markets.AEi has developed a unique technology in IP telephony that benefits hotels while still being user-friendly.


MAJAR undertake exclusive distribution of Amber Digital Signage Solutions. Amber offers cutting edge LED Display products and solutions, including 3D-Holograms, LED Posters, Transparent posters, Digital Shelf and Cylinder LED which we have available and target different channels including Digital Marketing, Advertising, Retail, Leisure business and several other segments.


MAJAR participates on iNTERLiNKED Expo Southeastern Europe promoting cutting edge Digital Signage Solutions


MAJAR undertake exclusive distribution of Multibrackets. Multibrackets have one of the most comprehensive product lines in the world, and supply Audio Visual Mounting Equipment for every need. From Ceiling Mounts and Desktop Mounts to Video Walls Mounts and Motorized Projections Screens.


At the anniversary of the 40 Years of the foundation, MAJAR participated in Posidonia the international shipping exhibition. MAJAR feautured products and services specialized in international shipping and sea tourism industries


MAJAR undertake exclusive distribution of Edbak. Edbak is a well-known brand across the European market, for the production of mounting systems for LED / LCD screens and projectors. We also offer video conference carts, stands, multi-monitor video walls, wall and desk mounts, projector mounts, info kiosks and solutions for the retail industry.


MAJAR undertake exclusive distribution of Infomir. Infomir specializes in the development, design, production and maintenance of equipment and client support for IPTV, OTT and VoD services.


MAJAR undertake exclusive distribution of VU +. VU+ is a series of Linux-powered DVB satellite, terrestrial digital television receivers (set-top box),


In 2011, the exclusive representation and distribution agreement of the FUNAI Electric Co.'s product range is being completed from MAJAR - Matzaridis Bros SA, for Greece, Cyprus and the wider Balkan region. The retail section of Matzaridis Bros SA is part of the WELCOME Stores Electric Chain under the name WELCOME MATZARIDIS.


The agreement with NEOTION for exclusive representation in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans is completed. In the same year, we undertake exclusive distribution and distribution of TERRATEC and DEVOLO. At the same time, the trade brand DIGI + PLUS is being launched.


We achieve a strategic agreement with AAVARA, the world market leader in LCD / Plasma Wall Mounts and Digital Signage (HDMI Cables, HDMI Splitters - Switchers) for Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. In the same year, we undertake exclusive distribution and distribution STRONG for Greece and Cyprus.


MAJAR undertakes the exclusive representation of HUMAX, market leader of the global market in satellite digital receivers.


MAJAR undertakes the nationwide distribution of JVC's magnetic products.


MAJAR participated in Helexpo International Exhibition feauturing solutions and products for Compact discs.


A 2-year contract is signed with TRAXDATA for the exclusive distribution of its products (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R) for Greece and the wider Balkan region.


The strategic agreement with SONY is reached Greece in the context of the exclusive distribution of professional audio-visual systems as well as consumables (audio-video-walkman-discman cassettes) through the MAJAR sales network.


MAJAR acquires privately owned showrooms and warehouses places, inside and outside the city for the best and most efficient service to its customers


Founders of MAJAR visit IFA for the first time.


MAJAR - Matzaridis Bros S.A. undertakes the provision and technical support of the companies LUXMAN, ROTEL, NIKKO and B&W.


Amar Bose awarded the founders of our company for the excellent cooperation and help in the manufacture of their products.


Announced by Dr. Ammar Bose the assignment of the exclusive distribution of its audio equipment products BOSE nationwide.


The company MAJAR - Matzaridis Bros S.A. was founded in 1978 by Yiannis and Giorgos Matzaridis in Thessaloniki. The beginning of success was marked by their keen interest in technology and developments in the commercial sector.