Our cooporation with AEi Communications, enable us to offer the most stylish, durable and customer friendly telephones with highest quality.

The right built-in equipment, makes the customer delighted and more comfortable. As technology evolves, MAJAR is fully prepared to satisfy current and future cruise line and hotel phones requirements through innovation and creativity.

Analog Telephones

With an array different types of analog telephones that use copper wire, connected to plain telephone service (PSTN) lines we are the analog phone supplier for you. The unique design features of AEi phones are the programmable guest service keys, making it easier for guests to reach the services they need.


IP Telephones

With unique choices of cordless and corded phones. AEi is an ideal IP phone supplier for hospitality. Voice over IP (VoIP) phones make and transmit telephone calls over an IP network which save cost as they do not require a landline connection.


Particular Solutions

Compact & cost saving new solutions to hotels and visitors!


Unique solutions depending on your benchmark

The ideal telephones for hospitality, hotel, business, residential & specialty markets.


Cruise Line Industries

Vertical Markets