MAJAR SA is one of the largest distribution companies of several world-leading brands for South East Europe. We maintain an extensive network of business partners and subdealers throughout 24 countries with dynamic local channels networks. Our Group specializes in both Export and Import, catering different market segments including B2C and B2B with focus in sectors of hospitality, construction, small – medium size ventures, and institutions. Additionally, we are a registered and certified global supplier to all major World Organizations (incl. for-profit & non-profit, military and others) and assist Contract Tenders on a per project basis.

MAJAR – MATZARIDIS Bros is operating since 1978 and today is considered one of the leading distribution companies specialized in digital technology!

MAJAR – MATZARIDIS BROS SA is the Holding company of our Group companies and divisions. Our headquarters are based in Thessaloniki Greece and the company is established since 1978.
Based on our extensive experience on the rapidly growing audiovisual and multimedia market, MAJAR has well positioned itself in the Greek and wider Balkans region and hence has experienced astonishing growth in its export activity. MAJAR exports and distributes through an extensive channel of sub distributors and dealers within Greece, Cyprus, FYROM (Skopje), Albania, Kosovo, Malta, Bulgaria, Israel, Romania, Moldova, Monte Negro, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, and recently Iran!

Digital technology is one area MAJAR has specialized in over the last two decade. Long-term cooperation’s’ and strategic alliances with some of the world’s Consumer Electronics market leaders. MAJAR Exclusively distributes HUMAX, VU+, INFOMIR, EDBAK, STRONG, EMOS, NEOTION, AAVARA, and many more including “key” categories of Smart Phones, Tablets, Wearables, Gadgets, Audio, Accessories.

We also maintain master dealership and we are one of the largest distributors for LG, SAMSUNG, PHILIPS complete product range of items including BLACK (TVs, Professional Monitors), and WHITE Household appliances products!

MAJAR has its own channel distribution which is currently accounts more than 1.600 sales points throughout Greece including all major Retailers in Greece and Balkans, and we are constantly growing in terms of market size, turnovers and volumes. We cooperate with majority of large retailers including in Greece, as well as leading retailers in Cyprus and Bulgaria, FYROM (Skopje), Kosovo and Malta too. MAJAR is well known by most of the European as well as Asian manufacturers, and it accounts a respectful market share in the Greek and wider Balkans markets.

Corporate B2B division is handling the presale and actual sales of Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Cellars, Conference Centers, Auditoriums, Banks, Insurance Companies, Shipping & Fleet Management Companies offers an one stop shop solution on products and services we can offer, from world leading brands – and based on our enriched product portfolio we gain market share and enlarge our customer data base. Since 2013, a division for Integration was established in order to assist Corporate clients vertically, and it has been expanding rapidly ever since!