19 July 2023

Elevating Hospitality Experiences with Philips: Unveiling Innovative Solutions

In the hospitality industry, delivering exceptional guest experiences is paramount. Philips, a trusted name in innovative technology solutions, offers a range of hospitality-specific products designed to optimize operations and enhance guest satisfaction. From premium Professional TVs in guest rooms to interactive touchscreens at check-in, Philips professional TVs and signage solutions provide seamless functionality, style, and interactivity. In this article, we explore the hospitality offers of Philips and how they are redefining the guest experience.

Streamlined Guest Experiences

Professional TVs in Guest Rooms: Philips Professional TVs in guest rooms provide guests with premium entertainment options, offering an immersive viewing experience. With features like Chromecast built-in™, guests can easily stream their favorite content from their personal devices, ensuring a personalized and comfortable stay.

Designed for Hospitality

Android-powered Solutions: Philips professional displays are powered by Android, providing a versatile and user-friendly platform. Optimized for native Android apps, these displays allow hotels to offer customized applications and services directly to their guests. The ability to install web apps further enhances the functionality and flexibility of these displays, ensuring that guests have access to a wide range of services and entertainment options.

Google Play Store Integration: With full access to the Google Play Store, Philips professional displays allow hotels to enrich their offerings with a vast selection of apps, games, music, movies, and more. This integration ensures that hotels can keep up with the latest global trends, offering guests a wide range of entertainment options and business tools to enhance their stay.

Enhanced Functionality and Control

Scheduler for Timely Content Management: Philips displays feature a built-in scheduler, enabling hotels to launch content and apps based on specific times of the day. This functionality ensures a more engaging environment and better results by delivering targeted information and promotions to guests during their stay.

CMND & Control for Efficient Management: CMND & Control is a powerful tool that allows hotel staff to manage their display network effortlessly. Whether updating software, adjusting settings, or monitoring display status, CMND & Control simplifies the management process. From a single display to an entire fleet, hotels can ensure consistent performance and seamless operation.

Philips Hospitality Product Series

The Philips Hospitality Product Series comprises the Media Suite, Prime Suite, and Easy Suite, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of the hospitality industry. The Media Suite includes Professional TVs and interactive displays, providing guests with an enhanced entertainment experience and hotel staff with intuitive management tools. The Prime Suite combines stylish design with advanced technology, featuring Chromecast built-in™, multi-touch functionality, and seamless integration with the Google Play Store. The Easy Suite simplifies hotel operations with user-friendly interfaces, intuitive controls, and efficient management features like CMND & Control. With these product series, Philips empowers hotels to create exceptional guest experiences and streamline their operations for optimal satisfaction.


Philips is revolutionizing the hospitality industry with its innovative product lineup, designed to optimize operations and elevate guest experiences. From Professional TVs in guest rooms to interactive touchscreens at check-in, Philips offers hotels the tools to create personalized and memorable stays for their guests. By embracing the hospitality offers of Philips, hotels can enhance guest satisfaction, streamline operations, and set new standards of excellence in the industry.