17 January 2024

Majar's New Year Celebration: A Toast to Unity, Creativity, and Success

The cutting of the New Year's sweet bread at Majar offices on Saturday, January 13th

The cutting of the New Year's sweet bread has become a cherished tradition, symbolizing the commencement of another year filled with hopes, fresh ideas, and plans. The customary gathering for the New Year's sweet bread took place in the company's offices where employees and management came together for a delightful event on Saturday, January 13th.


The event was not just about cutting the New Year's sweet bread; it was a beautiful occasion that fostered a sense of camaraderie among the employees. Laughter, joy, and a positive atmosphere filled the air as everyone shared the festive spirit. Following the ceremonial sweet bread cutting, the celebration continued with a delightful meal at a well-known restaurant in the city. The gathering provided an opportunity for the Majar family to bond outside the confines of the workplace, strengthening connections and building a sense of community.


The traditional custom of finding the lucky coin in the sweet bread resulted in a significant prize for the fortunate employee. The celebration was not only a time for joy but also for appreciating and rewarding the hard work of the team.


As the management expressed gratitude towards the employees who contribute their best each year, they bid farewell to a successful year and welcomed the dawn of a promising 2024, with aspirations for even greater success and accomplishments.


Here's to Majar and its dedicated workforce, poised for another year of growth and achievement!

Happy New Year!