Multibrackets 7350073730582 M Extender kit Push HD 800x400

Product code: 7350073730582

Multibrackets M Extender Kit Push HD - Mounting component ( extension brackets ) for LCD / LED panel - black - screen size: 40" - 70" - mounting interface: 600 x 400 or 800 x 400 mm - wall-mountable



If you need to extend the VESA spec of the M Public Video Wall Mount Push HD to 600x400 or 800x400 in landscape mode or 400x600 in portrait mode, this bracket is needed.
Made out of a steel structure, these extenders are made for max VESA 800X400 and painted with epoxy powders.

Additional information

For screen size:40 - 70"
Article No:7350073730582
VESA standard:600x400 or 800 x 400 Landscape
400x600 or 400 x 800 Portrait
Max load:80 kg
Weight:1.1 kg
Warranty:2 years

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