Multibrackets 7350105215896 M AV-Cabinet TV-Lift 55 Walnut

Product code: 7350105215896

M AV-Cabinet TV-Lift 55" Design (WN) - Cabinet for TV´s and displays - Display size up to 55" - Pop up TV lift solution - VESA 200x200 - 600x400 - maxload 50kg



Designed in Sweden, handmade in Europe
Classic, a timeless and elegant sideboard offered in the color Whitewash. All surfaces are hand painted, which creates a beautiful texture. The sideboard has a traditional design with fine details that give it a charming character. The three doors have beautiful cutouts and open up to two shelves, providing plenty of space to store things.

Don't let your TV control your office or home decor
The innovative furniture concept gives you a comfortable and modern piece of furniture that blends into your office, meeting room or home decor and at the same time gives you the opportunity to easily hide your TV when it's not in use.


Roll it around with ease from Room to Room

The innovative furniture concept not only provides an elegant solution to hide your TV, but also a practical and mobile solution for your home. Each sideboard comes with a sturdy and stable plinth that has six wheels hidden behind it, allowing for easy mobility and easy placement of the piece of furniture in your home. On the back there is a cutout in the base that allows you to lock the wheels. This makes it possible to easily change the location of your TV and sideboard without straining or having to lift heavy furniture. With the help of the wheels, you can easily move the sideboard from one room to another, or simply adjust the position to get the best possible angle on the TV.

Space for your meeting room solution or soundbar
It's important to have a display with good specifications, but it's just as important to have a high-quality video meeting room or sound system to get the ultimate experience. That's why Multibrackets designed their sideboards with a special place for your meetingroom or soundbar.
Whether you're in a video meeting, watching a movie or listening to music, the video or soundbar is an important part of your fullest experience.

Magnetic Lid
When using a TV lift inside a piece of furniture, it is important to have a cover to cover your TV when not in use. The sideboards have a lid that is placed on a metal plate, mounted on the TV lift. The lid's magnets make it easy to remove when needed, while keeping it in place when needed.
The lid is also adjustable so you can position it just the way you want it. It has two spikes that help you position the cap on the metal plate so that it sits correctly and is easy to remove or adjust when needed.
With this cover, you can easily hide your TV when not in use and at the same time have it available when you want to watch it. It also gives a clean and neat look to your furniture when it is not in use.

Hidden Cables
At the space for the soundbar there is an elongated hole in the bottom that you can thread the cables through, you then open the doors to the shelves and thread the cables through the larger hole into your TV. On the back of the furniture there are two holes to thread the electric cable for the lift and your TV through.
But if you need more space to work on, the back of the sideboard is divided into three sections where the sections on the left and right are removable by unscrewing the screws. This gives you easy access to the entire lift if you need to adjust something or just want to explore the sideboard's innermost secrets.
With the sideboards with built-in TV lift, you will have a neat and organized solution for all your entertainment technology!

Built-in Security
The TV lift has built-in safety features so that you do not have to worry about overheating or getting stuck between the TV lift and the furniture. The TV lift also stops automatically if something gets in its way, so you don't have to worry about damaging your precious TV or pinching your fingers. Also, the lid sits on magnets and not on a fixed mount, so there's no risk of pinching your fingers there either. So, you can be sure that you can show off your TV lift without worrying about accidents or damage. It is a safe and practical solution that will make your TV experience even better. If you were to use the lift too much, it will pause automatically, and when you press the button again, it will just beep to remind you that the motor needs to cool down. When the engine is cool and ready again, a beep is heard, this takes about 20 minutes.


Your Meetingroom Station

Combined with a videobar and your computer this solution together with Teams, Skype, Zoom or other video communications software’s you now have a movable meeting room station. This is a complete pop up TV lift solution for almost any situation creating ease of use and will save significant values by being used in multiple locations. Your always ready to meet wherever you are within the building.


  • Smart Swedish furniture design
  • Ultra silent TV Lift preinstalled
  • Cabinet produced in Europe
  • Remote control (included)
  • RJ45 for external source control
  • Smart front doors openings allowing access to equipment
  • Interior cable management to organize and disguise media cables
  • Built in non-marking wheels - keep your floors scratch-free
  • Move it around from room to room
  • TV lift accommodates most TV's within the maximum TV size listed
  • Ships fully-assembled

Additional information

Article No:7 350 105 215 896
For screen size:55"
Colour & MaterialWhite High quality MDF
Weight:97 kg
Warranty:1 year

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