Multibrackets 7350105213151 Pro Series Philips LED WALL 1X1, Philips 27BDL9112L/00

Product code: 7350105213151

Pro Series Philips LED WALL 1X1, 27” PHILIPS 27BDL9112L/00 - Wall mount for LED panel – Aluminum – Fine tune adjustment – Mounting depth: 30mm



Introducing The M dvLED Video Wall Mounting System for Philips from Multibrackets is designed to support creative LED video wall configurations. Simply stack LED displays to create one continuous video wall. Multibrackets modular design attaches to the top, bottom, and sides of other mounts to support endless design configurations. The M dvLED Video Wall Mounting System feature offset mounting slots to protect LED displays from damaging friction during installation. Once displays are in place, Multibrackets unique and variable X,Y, and Z-axis adjustment possibilities allows for a perfect positioning and alignment for a flawless dvLED videowall.

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  • Supports most Philips dvLED-panels
  • One of the markets most advanced LED wall mounting solution
  • System can be extended to any required width for large installations
  • Open frame allows panel access for easy servicing and maintenance
  • Add on solutions supporting Wall - Push in pop out and Floorstand, Ceilingmount solutions
  • The built in X,Y,Z-axis for a perfect installation no matter size
  • Integrated adjustment possibilities to compensate for imperfections in the wall
  • Simplified slots allow for fast and easy mount installation
  • Offset display mounting slots protects the individual dvLED sides from getting damaged
  • A fully modular system supports simplifies build up and know-how can be used in future installations
  • Ready-in-stock, little or no custom lead times
  • All mounting hardware included

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