AMBER is a complete range of digital signage products which offer integrated LED display applications and solutions for advertising media, conference & events, branding and promotion, through a comprehensive range which offers a unique experience to customers and audience.

The holistic solutions provided for Customer Satisfaction, personalized advertisement as well as for targeted actions regarding in-store promotions, e-pricing, sensors directing senses including smell and sound are just a few examples of the technological transformation that AMBER brings forward and offers to individual customers, companies, retail as a whole, and organizations that seek eye-catching cutting-edge technology.

Info Kiosks & Tables

Amber's new Info Kiosks-Tables are the ideal solution for a variety of digital signage applications, such as retail, corporate, hospitality, transportation, education and more.

LED Posters

Amber LED Posters are all-in-one video display stands designed for commercial information display needs. Their slim, smart, durable and mobile design make them a dreaming dynamic replacement for traditional LCD poster stand or backlit signage.

Digital Shelves

Deliver powerful, in-aisle shopping experiences and brand messaging with eye-catching clarity using the range of Amber's Digital Shelves.

Transparent LED

Amber introduces the Transparent LED display system, with immersive experience that can reach users as no other advertising media!

Smart Mirrors

Amber connect you with the futuristic side of technology anyday! Smart Mirrors make the process as easy and seamless as possible.

Flexible LED

When it comes to boosting your business, one of the best tools to invest in is a flexible LED display. We offer flexible LED displays that are tailor-made to fit in your space and captivate audiences.

3D Holograms

New technology makes real-time 3D Holograms a reality!

Solutions for every industry

Digital signage solutions for every market including Digital Marketing, Advertising, Retail, Leisure, Rental and more.

Digital Marketing



Rental Markets