Amber LΡ-P2.5A-WF LED Poster P2.5

Product code: LΡ-P2.5A-WF

Amber LED poster is an all-in-one video display stand designed for commercial information display needs. Its slim, smart, durable and mobile design makes it is a dreaming dynamic replacement for traditional LCD poster stand or backlit signage.



Multiple Playing Modes
Stand Alone:
With built in media player and storage disk, to play programs via WiFi, USB or ethernet. Also can use a 3rd party media player by connecting PC, laptop via HDMI cable. One poster is an independent player.
Multi Screens:
Multi LED posters can be used together as a big video wall connected by HDMI cables or wirelessly. The LED posters group can be worked as extended mode or mirroring mode.
Mirror Screens:
Copy one poster's content to display on other posters at the same time. Posters are connected via HDMI cables or a WiFi router.
Wireless Mulit Screens:
To connect LED posters in a group with a wireless router. It can be played as mirror mode or extended mode.
Extended Screens:
Make multi posters work in a group; split and play a content in various screens.

Additional information

Replaced traditional paper roll

Convention centers, shopping malls, meeting rooms, command & control centers,
airports, gas stations, supermarkets, clubs and restaurants

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