Multibrackets 7350022736580 M Totem Pro Single OH55F/B/A-S

Product code: 7350022736580

M Totem Pro Single OH55F/B/A-S - Totem for Samsung OH55F/B/A-S – portrait - screen size: 55"- max load: 63kg - VESA: 560x1186 mm - black – Outdoor 100% anti corrosion - anti theft



The M Totem Pro Single OH55F/B/A-S is a Single Outdoor Digital Menu Board. Configure your Exterior Digital Menu Board according to your requirements. Modular based, mount one, two or three displays on the kiosk base and use the embedded media player or a separate media player, router or hub. Multibrackets Totem outdoor is ready to support any type of configuration.

A general term for our All-Weather-Proof Digital Outdoor Menu Display Solutions. The Multibrackets M Totem Single/Dual/ Triple are unique integrations of products that provide a Digital Outdoor Menu Solution at an attractive price point.

Let’s Retire Old Static Signage
Move into the 21st Century. Meet our line up with Drive Thru Digital Signage Exterior Digital Menu Board for Samsung OH46 And OH55 & OH75 Displays. It’s time to update your exterior digital menu boards. Both restaurants and leading QSR chains, are changing to outdoor digital drive thru menu boards. Multibrackets drive thru digital signage enclosure allows you to install one, two, or three displays, and position the free-standing totems in the most profitable location for your business. The enclosure are often available through our partners as a single unit or as a complete packages with Samsung displays and our media players included.

Drive thru design - to be installed in any outdoor application for 24/7 use.
Increase the drive-thru sales and promote orders with efficiency The Multibrackets Outdoor Digital Menu Boards, designed to support leading 55" outdoor display brands. These all-weather rated, outdoor units offer a low operating cost, modular design, and an easy, two-man installation process. By making the switch to digital, with Multibrackets Outdoor Digital Menu Boards, you will no longer need to manually update static menu content throughout the day. Instead, the digital content can be updated remotely and in real-time, creating a seamless drive-thru experience for customers and a more efficient restaurant.

Modular design
The M Totem Pro Single OH55F/B/A-S can evolve as your installation requires more displays. Add one, two or even more displays to the installation. The unit is fully modular and can adopt as the client’s needs change. The base of the totem houses any electrical components and the media player. With a slim-profile design, and the option of using one, two or three high-bright displays, the Exterior Digital Menu Board is an attractive, protected and engaging digital signage solution for any fast-food restaurant. Benefit from our modular design, which we partnered with Samsung for their OH46/OH55/OH75 outdoor monitors.

Secure Access
The unit is designed with a specific security access to allow only technical staff to open and change anything within the Totem.

Made in Europe
This series products are designed, developed and manufactured in Europe. The industry has for some time been facing supply chain issues. Thanks to our production in Europe, we can not only guarantee the best knowledge and engineering but also deliveries on time.

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  • Series designed to support 46/55/75 Outdoor Displays
  • Maximum flexibility, rugged design
  • Elegant Minimalistic design
  • Enhances the drive-thru aesthetics
  • Modular design
  • TUV tested
  • Made in Europe

Additional information

For screen size:55"
Universal & VESA standard:560x1186
Article No:7 350 022 736 580
Warranty:5 years
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