Multibrackets 7350105216350 M Hanging Bracket for Samsung OH75

Product code: 7350105216350

M Hanging Bracket Pro OH75 - Wall mount for Samsung OH75 - portrait or landscape - screen size: 75" - max load: 160kg - Hooks for wire - black



Start replacing static signage with Samsungs OH displays and Multibrackets OH mounts. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, Multibrackets all-weather rated OHF Wall mounts is ideal for sharing commercial messages, information, travel, and weather details, as well as wayfinding, advertising, entertainment, and more.

An wiremount for the Samsung OH75 displays
Made for wiresolution use this wall mount specifically designed with the technical specifications of Samsung OH75 in mind this wall mount will integrate your screen with the highest quality and fine tune adjustment possibilities. This wall mount was made to support your Samsung OH installation. The materials used is of the highest-level of standard.

Designed & Manufactured in Europe
This product is designed and manufactured in Europe.

Portrait or landscape mode
To simplify the installation process, this wall mount is suitable for both landscape and portrait installations.

Designed to perform
With its tailored design these brackets fits perfectly into the top corners and the position created by Samsung when designing this display. Smart design makes it possible to use these brackets for any position of the screen and the installation will look professional and light weight.


  • Supports Samsung 75" display
  • Elegant, minimalistic design
  • Low profile design
  • Mount designed to meet manufacturer requirements
  • 100% high quality metal/ materials
  • Offers quick installation and quick release
  • 5-year warranty

Additional information

For screen size:75"
Article No:7 350 105 216 350
Warranty:5 years

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