Multibrackets 7350105217166 M Pro Series – LG LED Floorstand All In One LAEC015-GN2 136''

Product code: 7350105217166

M Pro Series – LG LED Floorstand All In One LAEC015-GN2 - 136" - 16:9 - LED panels for video mobile video wall installations - height adjustable - black



The all-new M Pro Series – LG LED Floorstand 136” screen freestanding video wall stand makes it possible to construct LED Walls in prominent locations for temporary applications.

Based on high pillars made out of durable steel and aluminum, the possibilities for height positioning is good and it is possible to provide perfect viewing angle for both a sitting and a standing audience. The included wallmount installs directly to the M Pro Series – LG LED Floorstand 136”. This LED stand then forms a perfect solution that can be utilized for presentations, meeting rooms, trade shows, store or office entrances.

The Multibrackets Pro Series Philips LED Floorstand are suitable if you are after a LED in a freestanding environment. As this is the Multibrackets Pro Series it’s highly flexible and could be tailored at production to meet needs of height or other specific details needed for the installation (let us know). This LED wall floor stand kit is suitable for 137” LED display and holds the weight with ease. The Pro Series LED modular system is quick and easy to install.

With the right combination of durability and serviceability, we provide standardized and cost-efficient solutions or even custom fabricated steel and aluminum LED floorstand designed to fit most applications or environments.

With the optional Wheelbase you can roll this LG LED Floorstand from room to room instead of making the installation more permanent.


  • Tailored M Pro Series Stand for LG LAEC015-GN2
  • Smart and simple installation process
  • Works perfectly with LG PPDS 136”
  • Optional heavy duty castors

Additional information

Article No:7 350 105 217 166
Surface finish:Powder coating
Material:Steel, aluminum, plastic
Warranty:5 years

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