Multibrackets is a development & manufacturer that offers +1500 SKU's for the AV industry. We work with all major display manufacturers and specialize in solutions for digital signage, education, corporate, government and more.

Wall Mounts - Enhance Your Display

Our wall mounts are crafted with durability and safety in mind, ensuring that your items are mounted securely and will stay that way.


Floor Stands - Flexible Positioning Options

Floorstands are made with a simple task - to enhance the visual experience in the space where its placed. Attractive, yet robust and functional, and often modular, our floorstands are ideal for a wide variety of applications and settings from boardrooms, meeting rooms and lobbies to classrooms, auditoriums or exhibition halls.


Ceiling Mounts - Maximize Your Visibility

Our Ceiling mounts was made with a simple task - to enhance the visual experience in public spaces. Installer inspired and great for digital signage installations they offer great positioning and flexible adjustments for flat panel screens. With its unique telescopic system you can customize it to your needs, just choose the desired length from the ceiling and if the display should be used in landscape or portrait.


Floor to Wall/Ceiling

Our Floor to Wall/Ceiling Mounts create a rock steady screen display solution aimed for the retail store, mall or any other public area. Mount screens with tilt or fixed displays. Place them side by side and/or above each other.


Desktop Mounts - Empower Creativity

Position your displays for maximum comfort. Our solutions are created through innovation with features designed to give you peace of mind. Through movement we eliminate constraints from how you work and engage with your displays.


Video Wall Mounts

Made for mega sized displays and it might just be one the markets most innovative and easy to install video wall mounts available.


Motorized Solutions

Distinguished, unmistakable, iconic. As a leading manufacturer of motorized height-adjustable solutions we support a variety of display ranges.


Projector Mounts

Investing in a high-quality projector mount is a smart move that will provide long-term benefits, including improved safety, flexibility, and functionality. Projector mounts offer a versatile and flexible solution for displaying your presentations or movies.


Customized dvLED Solutions

Mounting LED made easy with X, Y and Z-axis fine tune adjustment. Our Pro Series LED WALL Video Wall Mounting System is designed to support creative video wall configurations. Simply stack LED displays to create one continuous video wall.


Kiosks & Enclosures

Simplify signage installations with a thin and easy-to-install enclosures. Experience the elegance of Multibrackets new indoor enclosures. Ranging from 10” to 98” always easy to install and maintain.


Workstation Solutions

Height adjustable workstations and arms for home or office. Easy to move, compact and stylish. The benefits of a sit & stand desk or a flexible workstation arm are just within reach. Our workstation and flexarms promotes healthy computing by turning a sedentary work environment into one with movement.


Solutions for every industry

Made for large size displays and this might just be one of the markets most innovative and easy to install stands available.

Digital Signage