Multibrackets 7350073739622 M Automatic Hand Sanitizer Wall

Product code: 7350073739622

M Automatic Hand Sanitizer Wall



Promote safety and sanitation in your office, school, restaurant, hotel, restrooms or kitchens with the M Automatic Hand Sanitizer hands free soap or sanitizer dispenser.

Because your employees or customers hands never touch the dispenser, the M Automatic Hand Sanitizer hands free hand soap dispenser helps to reduce cross contamination.

It´s Touchless
The M Automatic Hand Sanitizer hands free soap dispenser system dispenses 1 mL of liquid foam per activation versus 1.5 mL per pump for most bag-in-box liquid soap dispensing system. Assuming one dose per hand washing the M Automatic Hand Sanitizer will provide twice the number of hand washings per 1000 ml refill.

Ensure optimal hand sanitizing with this Multibrackets® white touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. Dispensing approximately 470 times per fill-up, this compact unit is ideal for tight spaces and minimizes cross contamination with its touchless system! It is compatible with most liquids or gels and easily refills by maintenance staff at office, restroom, or kitchen. Plus, it incorporates a large front window, innovative skylight, and indicator light so your employees can easily monitor the fill level.

Made of durable plastic, this touchless hand soap dispenser is a great addition to any school, restaurant, or hotel. It can be installed quickly and can easily be converted to a locked unit to ensure tamper-free dispensing. It even has smart technology to minimize energy use and battery changes. Provide this easy-to-use, touchless dispenser to your customers and help maintain your clean facility.

Additional information

Article No:7 350 073 739 622
Sensing Method:Infrared Auto-Sensing (touchless)
Sensing Range:0-12cm
Response Time:25ms
Power Supply:4 x AA type battery, 1.5V (LR6), not included
DC adaptor, 6V, not included
Switch:Swith keys
Installation Mode:independent and easy assembly.
Liquid Capacity:1000ml
Spraying Volume:1ml per time
Opening Method:open with safety key
Liquid Exchange Method:manual open the cover to replace liquid
Shell Material:Environmental ABS
Net Weight:1.5 kg
Mounting Method:Wall Mount
Dispenser Size:120*118*260mm
Warranty:1 year

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