Multibrackets 7350105214837 M Pro Series – Enclosure Totem 55" Wheelbase Indoor

Product code: 7350105214837

M Pro Series – Enclosure Totem 55" Wheelbase Indoor - VESA max 400x500 - steel - black



Show your digital content indoors on a Multibrackets Totem solution. These days many installers get the request to promote content with exceptional clarity in any storefront window. Multibrackets Pro Series brings the ideal digital signage mounting solution for store windows. This product can be easily mounted on a stand or hung from a ceiling, giving retailers more options for positioning. The smart design creates a clean look and offers flexibility in how valuable floor space is designed and utilized. This dedicated mount allows businesses to create a platform for eye-catching content deliveries on a minimalistic mounting solution. By many installers considered the ideal display and mount solution for store window applications. A minimum of visible cables and screws from the outside. With a multitude of installer friendly features including concealed cable management for a professional appearance. This is an incredibly versatile solution that can be adapted to suit a wide range of both retail and commercial applications.


  • A Wheelbased Totem 55"
  • Dedicated to present bright content
  • Modernizes and saves store space with its flexible design, offers more room to market your brand or products
  • Highest level of finish to any client branding, bespoke colors available on request
  • Semi concealed hardware for sleek & stylish aesthetics
  • A standalone floor base is optional (7350105214783)
  • Durable design, Multibrackets well known quality of materials and production process
  • Complete hardware kit included

Additional information

Article No:7 350 105 214 837



VESA:VESA 200x200 up to 400x500
Surface Finish:Powder coating
Weight:28,5 kg + 12 kg + 6,5 kg
Measurements136 x 86 x 12.5 cm, + 201.5 x 13 x 8.6 cm, + 81.5 x 12.5 x 9 cm
Max Load:35 kg
Warranty:5 years

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