Projector Mount – Wall Boom Type PB120

Projector Mount – Wall Boom Type PB120
Designed for Wall Boom Short Throw Projector
• Horizontal Lateral Movement +/-20 mm /0.79″
• Projector Vertical & Horizontal Tilt & Swivel +/-10°
• Wall Mount Tilt +/-5°
• Compatible with Diameter Ø325 mm
• Easy to Install
• Max. Distance to Wall 1270 mm /26.38″
• Smart Cable Management



Projector Mount – Wall Boom Type PB120
A Short Throw Projector Mount, featuring focusing for 0.6 Short ratio with distance from the wall max. to 1265 mm and fine tune solution. Micro adjustment for Tilt, Swivel, Horizontal movement for best alignment of required distance.

In-Tube Management available, Aluminium Structure and universal mounting diameter to meet most short throw projects brands in the market.

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Load Capacity

12 kg /26.5 lbs

Mounting Pattern

Diameter Ø325 mm


352.5*215*1446 mm/ 13.88" x 8.47" x 56.93"

Gross Weight

4.03 kg / 8.89 lbs

Screw Type


Projector Tilt & Swivel


Wall Mount Til



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